Everest Trek FAQ

Does any trekking experience require for going to Everest Base Camp Trek?

It is a moderate trekking trail. So, you do not need to have a previous trekking experience. But having fitness physically and mentally is required. However, the daily normal walking activity may help go to Everest Base Camp Trek.

Is the Everest Base Camp Trek difficult?

The Everest Base Camp Trek is neither difficult nor an easy trail. Though it’s a long day trekking trail, you need to walk almost 5-6 hours a day. People who are used to normal walking and jogging as well as hiking; they might find this trek easy.

What is the highest altitude of the Everest Base Camp trek?

The highest altitude of the Everest Base Camp trek is 5500m at Kalapatthar whereas the lowest altitude is 2600m at Phakding. It is one of the trekking trails over the greatest elevation in the world.

What is the possibility of getting altitude sickness during the EBC trek?

Acute Mountain Sickness is called AMS in short form. It’s a kind of altitude sickness. During the Everest Base Camp Trek, there are some chances of getting sick if you are not fit enough. However, we have designed our itinerary to be sensitive to this sickness. The acclimatization days are enough to fight with AMS. But you need to drink plenty of water as well. If some illness happens, you need to tell your guide, who helps with first aid at first and takes you down to another lower elevation area. If it is serious, our guide informs us, and then we send the helicopter from Kathmandu and rescue as fast as it is possible and take you to the hospital.

To be clear, your travel insurance must cover the expenses for the helicopter rescue. Otherwise, you need to be responsible yourself.

How much does it cost to do Everest Base Camp Trek?

Generally, it costs almost USD 1357 per person for a full package for 1-16 days of Everest Base Camp trekking. However, it depends on the group size and the trekking days you want to spend. The big size can get more discount whereas the small size can get the less discount.

Apart from it, we optimize the two sorts of trekking i.e. the full board trek package and the service trek. The former includes the breakfast, lunch and dinner, and the permit and entrance fees of the trekking area. On the other hand, the latter does not include the very things. It means you need to pay everything yourself except the guide and porter salary. However, it depends on a person-to-person habit of eating and budget.

For more details, you can go through the cost includes and excludes EBC trek.

How much do I need to be prepared for my personal expenses while having EBC trek?

It depends on you. If you buy the full package, you can eat 3 times a day such as breakfast, lunch, and dinner during your trekking. But for the drinks and other things like mobile charging, hot water bathe, etc in the higher elevation; you need to pay yourself. For this package, you need to be prepared with almost USD per day.

Besides, if you buy the guide and porter only, you need to pay yourself everything like breakfast, lunch and dinner cost, and the lodges rent. For this EBC trek service package, you might be prepared with almost USD 35 per day.