Technically Challenging

Including some tent based higher elevation trekking; most of the peaks climbing activities come to under the technically challenging trip grading category. The trekking would be of 5-7 hours per day and reaches up to 7000m above the sea level. But walking would be very complicated as the paths are very sloppy and steep. In order to cross the rocky and icy trail the technical knowledge is required. The remoteness and wilderness are the basic features of challenging trekking.

It’s a trekking in the higher elevation. So, there would be the chance of altitude sickness occurrence. Therefore, only the physically fit and fine trekkers can join this most challenging activity like trekking and climbing.

Nobody knows about the climatic zone. Therefore, the trekkers need to be prepared earlier for battling with the poor weather.

The basic knowledge of using some trekking and climbing equipments would be very beneficial. However, the guides are there to teach the trekkers for operating such equipments and mountaineering gears.

Lobuche peak climbing is the best example of this technical challenging trip grading category.