Bhutan is a small landlocked country situated in the sub-continent of India. Its area is expanded over 46,500 square kilometer. It is surrounded by India in south whereas by Tibet in North, But eastern part is bounded by Himalayas. Almost 60% of Bhutanese depend on the Agriculture and Forestry. Besides, Bhutan is the only Mahayan Buddhism Kingdom in the world. Almost 75% of Bhutanese practice Buddhism and others believe in Hinduism. This country is full of monasteries, spiritual temples, mountainous pastures, virgin trekking routes of the Himalayas and so on.

Travelling to Bhutan is a rare pleasure. Every year, many tourists from different countries come to visit the Bhutan. They mostly visit the places like Thimpu, Gangetey Valley, Phobjikha Valley, etc. Similarly, the tourists also like to visit the temples such as Chimi Lhakha, Dochula Pass (Chorten) and so on. Moreover, Bhutan is popular for its distinctive cultures and traditions as well as its arts and crafts.