Terms and Conditions

The Contract

Please, go through the terms and conditions carefully before booking the trips because once your booking is confirmed you are bound to our terms and condition including the cancellation process too. The Booking Condition forms a legally binding contract between Rising Adventure and you for the services provided by Rising Adventure. Please be noted that the company reserves the right to re-edit the current terms and conditions at any time. So, it is your responsibility to be updated with any changes.

Trip Booking:

You are requested to deposit 10% of the total amount before your arrival for the confirmation of your trip and the remaining money can be paid after you arrive in Kathmandu. The following are our payment procedures.

1. Credit Card (Master Card or Visa only) Payment

For the Credit Card payment, please fill in the necessary details including your credit card details and signature as same as in your passport and credit card. Click here to download the form. Then email us your completed form with copies of your passport and both sides of your credit card at [email protected]

Besides, Only 3D-secured cards can get accessed to our online gateway payment service, though we accepted the normal visa or master card in the past. So, if you wish to pay for the rest amount of the trip with a credit card after your arrival in Nepal, the credit card company will surcharge 3.5% for using its service. The cash payment is also acceptable.

2. Bank Payment

Please, go through our bank account details.

Beneficiary Bank: Himalayan Bank Limited

Bank Address: Tridevi Marg, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal

Accountholder’s Name: Rising Adventure Pvt. Ltd.

Account No.: 01906152500017

Account type: Current

Swift Code: HIMANPKA

Note: Please email us the bank reference number or the remittance slips after your money transfer to our bank account. It will be easier for us to check the account details or to claim in case of delay, loss, or other mistakes by banks. Besides, you need to be clear that we will not be responsible in case of any delay or loss during the money transfer process. If such things happen, you will be kindly requested to pay accordingly equivalent to the total amount after your arrival in Nepal.

Trip Cancellation by the Clients or by Rising Adventure

In case of a trip cancellation by a client must send an authentic written notice to Rising Adventure Pvt. Ltd. Your cancellation will be approved from the valid receipt date by Rising Adventure. Similarly, if any amount is charged already by Rising Adventure, it will not be refunded but reused in other activities within a year. In such a condition, our company will charge you in the following way.

  • If the cancellation notice is received two months before your trip departure date, Rising Adventure will reuse the full amount of charged amount.
  • If the cancellation notice is received one month before your trip departure date, Rising Adventure will reuse 50% of the charged amount.
  • If the cancellation notice is received three weeks before your trip departure date, Rising Adventure will reuse 25% of the charged amount.
  • If the cancellation notice is received two weeks before your trip departure date, Rising Adventure will reuse 10% of the charged amount.
  • If the cancellation notice is received less than two weeks before your trip departure date, Rising Adventure will reuse a 0%of charged amount.

Rising Adventure reserves the right to cancel the trip if that is not guaranteed, but in case of guaranteed trip cancellation due to the causes like natural disasters, strikes, weather conditions,s and so on, you will be refunded the trip price and also advised to engage in another activity equivalent to the same price.

Flight Cancellation during the trip

During the trip, the flights can be delayed or canceled due to bad weather or any cause that is beyond our control. If it happens, you have to cover your accommodation and food costs for the extra days. Rising Adventure assumes no responsibility or liability for any change or modifications due to factors beyond our control.


Rising Adventure compulsorily demands the travel insurance of its clients to do its activities. It does not mean that we sell travel insurance; however, we require your travel insurance must cover the emergency accidents with medical expenses and others like cancellation, personal liability, loss of luggage, and so on.

Taking care of the belongings

We take care of your personal things during the trip. However, we do not presume liability for the loss or spoiling of your baggage, possessions, or personal things during the journey and while in the possession of porters, pack animals, or vehicles. We suggest you carry small locks for your packs and luggage for safety.

Risk Assumption

Rising Adventure will not be responsible for the risks associated with the journey with respect to personal injury, illness, and death of the clients.

Disclosure of the Client’s health

Any client with a pre-existing medical condition or illness must declare the true nature of the condition at the time of booking and a medical statement from a physician confirming that they are fit to travel and undertake the given tour with the Rising Adventure.