• Chandan Thapa
    President and Operations Director

    Chandan Thapa

    Mr. Chandan Thapa is originally from the Gorkha district which lies in the mid-western part of Nepal. This region is also popular as the Manaslu Trekking Trail. He is a generous and cooperative person and has fluent English speaking qualities. He engaged in the tourism sector as a porter at first. Meanwhile, he became able to establish himself as a senior trekking guide for Himalayan Glacier company just after passing his graduation and getting the overall knowledge of the Himalayan region. It was just because of his hard work and love for this profession. After a long time of experience in the field of treks and tours, he started to work as a manager in the Black Diamond Expedition and organized the treks, tours, and climbing not in Nepal only, but in Bhutan and Tibet too. He continued in this position for almost 6 years. Furthermore, he has knowledge of first aid too.
    Finally, Mr. Thapa has got success in establishing his own trekking, tour, and climbing operating company in Nepal. Now, he is a Director at Rising Adventure P. Ltd. which organizes any kinds of adventurous activities in Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet. Today, he has been operating many packages for people all over the world and is able to make them satisfied.

  • Silu Pandey
    Sales and Marketing, India & South Asia

    Silu Pandey

    Mrs. Silu Pandey is one of the founders of Rising Adventure P. Ltd. She was born in the Dhading district. It is the gateway to the Manaslu Region Trek. She has been engaging in the field of Nepal Tourism since 2010 as a licensed Female Tour Guide. After completing a Master in Arts, she invested in Rising Adventure for further progression. Likewise, she loves to design tours and trekking trips in accordance with the desires of the clients. Apart from these, she has an immense interest in nature and travel which enables her to be a skilled travel writer and make packages too. She also writes travel articles and blogs.

  • Deepa Pandey
    Sales & Operation, Australia

    Deepa Pandey

  • Ajay Ghimire
    Sales & Operation, Japan & Korea

    Ajay Ghimire

  • Rohan Thapa Magar
    Trekking Guide

    Rohan Thapa Magar

  • Shusil Pandey
    Trekking Guide

    Shusil Pandey

  • Akal Singh Rai
    Senior Trekking Guide

    Akal Singh Rai

  • Bishal Thapa Magar
    Trekking Guide

    Bishal Thapa Magar

  • Pasang Sherpa
    Trekking Guide

    Pasang Sherpa

  • Chhoden Lama
    Content Writer

    Chhoden Lama

    Chhoden is a content writer who inspires and motivates her readers with enthusiasm and dedication. She works as a travel writer for rising adventure. She covers various topics of Nepal with her clean and visually appealing writing, rich and descriptive. Moreover, she lures her readers by mentioning travel tips, and fantastic writing. Her articles have appeared sound advice and consistent content.