Rising Adventure aims to be a trusted holiday partner, giving great value for money and organizing your vacation plan in an informal and friendly style to the Nepal Himalayas. Here’s something more about why travelers join us with zero cost for getting their cheapest and safest travel destinations.

Adventure Safe

Your safety is our primary motto. Your transport, accommodation, and crisis management during the trip with us are included in our commitment to safety and security. All of our guides and porters are rigorously trained in their roles like first aid and mountain rescue to ensure your safety at all times. They can walk for any ability.

Price and great value

Our main concern is to focus on lifetime memorable services which should not be expensive. Due to our long-established relationship with our valued guests, we try to provide the most competitive price and give you great value.

As a registered adventure travel operator, based in Nepal, we give you 100% price protection as well as guarantee no hidden costs from arrival to departure. We understand our clients. As a result, we can also arrange custom tours based on your budget and schedule.
We offer a wide range of accommodations, transportation, and tour to match your budget.
Whatever package you choose, our duty is to provide you with great service. We guarantee you will be fully satisfied with your adventure.

Your Comfort

We take care of your comfort zones like lodging and feeding during your adventure trip with us.

You have the option to choose hotels ranging from non-star to five-star, especially in the city area of Nepal. We search out the best accommodation that suits to your personal needs and budget. In the mountain zone, only the normal tea houses are available which offer great hospitality.

Besides, we especially emphasize on local foods and businesses that give you the real Nepalese experience. Lentil, rice, curry, and pickle are the basic foods of Nepal. You have other food items as well, especially in the hotels of the town.

Innovative Itineraries

We believe not in imitating, but in creating new itineraries in order to make your trip more exciting. Each and every itinerary of our trip packages are made concerning our valued guest’s requirements.

If such itineraries do not match your wants, please, feel free to share us. We can make it again in accordance with your wishes.

Small Groups

Small groups benefit from a closer relationship between the client and the guide. We used to include almost 10 travelers in one trip depending on the destination. We also make the travel plan for the larger group. If it is too big, you may receive a discount.

Regardless of group size, our goal is to make every adventure memorable. Our pivotal focus is giving you the best service ever possible.

Detailed Information

We have included all the related information on our webpage including itineraries, costs, equipment, and destinations. If you have further queries or would like to chat about your next adventure, please, feel free to contact us by phone, text, or email. We are online 24/7 on Facebook, Skype, Twitter, and Viber for your convenience.

Cultural Heritage Tours

On our Cultural Heritage tours, you will be immersed in distinctive cultures, traditional lifestyles, and various ethnic groups that call Nepal home. You will have the opportunity to experience the different interrelated castes that compose Nepalese culture. The following are the different ethnic tribes of different regions of Nepal.

Himalayan region

  • Thakalis: (hoteliers and lodge owners.)
  • Tamangs: (horse traders and cavalrymen who make carpets and thangkas seen in the shops of Kathmandu.)
  • Tibetans: (play dominant roles in tourism and the Tibetan carpet industry.)
  • Sherpas: (The best known Nepali ethnic groups, Sherpas are nomadic herders.)
  • Magars: (a soldier class that is known for their distinctive dress and various cultures.)
  • Rais and Limbus: (live in bamboo houses and carry Khukuri a traditional curved knife tucked into their belt. They also wear a culturally significant cap and have their own language.)
  • Newars: (speak the Newari language and are excellent in the field of arts, farming, and selling meat. They wear Newari clothing and have one of the most vibrant cultural traditions in the world.)
  • Gurungs: (wear savor nose rings, necklaces, and dress unique to their culture. They dance rodi, a cultural dance of the Gurung ethnicity.)
  • Brahmins and Kshetras: (almost 30% of the population in the hilly region and are considered the highest tribe in the social hierarchy.)
  • Terai Region
  • Tharus: (live in thatched huts with wattle walls or in traditional longhouses. They also have a distinctive dress and various cultures.)

Responsible Tourism

Many people are directly or indirectly joining tourism, which has been considered a large industry in Nepal and most of the tourist activities are adventurous.

Rising Adventure is a fully responsible adventure activities organizing company in Nepal. We are government certified and linked with various tourism institutions. Our company pays taxes to the government for our travel packages and actions that we arrange and is renewed annually. We are always cautious about the client’s troubles and try to respond to them as soon as possible.