Helicopter Rescue in Nepal

Good to Know

    What To Expect

    • 24/7 days instant service
    • Licensed and experienced rescue Pilot
    • Well-equipped Helicopter
    • Network with hospitals and clinics
    • Oxygen cylinder available

    Rising Adventure provides the rescue services with the Helicopter evacuation 24/7 in the Himalayan region of Nepal. Our service is swifter and faster. Our rescue pilot is licensed and experienced. He is well-trained in rescuing the travelers in an emergency from the remote part of Nepal.

    We provide the Helicopter in such a situation when our valued travelers get injured and need the emergency medical service. Besides, some travelers suffer from high altitude sickness and need the specialist medical treatment. In such cases of health issues, we provide the instant Helicopter Evacuation.

    Our Helicopter is equipped with full medical safety. There is the oxygen cylinder as well. It takes you directly to the Hospital in Kathmandu City since there is no facilitated hospital in the high elevation mountain region of Nepal.

    Helicopter Rescue for Altitude Sickness

    In the high elevated Himalayan region of Nepal, the trekkers and climbers may get sick due to the high-altitude increasement during trekking and climbing. In such a case, they need an evacuation. Otherwise, this sickness may take their life.

    So, there is only option to hire the Helicopter since there is not the access of road ambulance and the well-maintained Hospital. Therefore, Rising Adventure offers the fastest medical evacuation and rescue service for saving the life of trekkers and climbers.

    During the altitude sickness, the patients need to get down to the lower elevation as soon as possible. So, the Helicopter is the best option to take them in the down altitude part and to the hospital for the further treatment.

    Our rescue team is equipped with professional training. A pilot is very experienced in operating the Helicopter in the remote place of Nepal. Our service is very effective and reliable in rescuing and saving lives of people.

    Helicopter for Medical Emergency

    The seriously ill people who are in the remote region of Nepal where the road transportation and the hospital are not accessible, the Helicopter Evacuation is only one solution. It is the most efficient and fastest way of transporting the people from one place to another.

    It is well-known that Nepal is the mountainous and hilly country. Many places are there where still not the road ways and hospitals. And the places where the roadways accessible are also in the difficult condition and takes long time to reach the cities. So, the Medevac is mandatory for rescuing the people who need the medical treatment instantly.

    Rising Adventure offers the emergency medical evacuation for those who are seriously ill and need the instant medical support. We also help to contact with the close hospital for getting the instant services in such a critical situation.

    Most renowned destinations for Helicopter rescue in Nepal

    We mostly rescue the travelers from the Himalayan region of Nepal who are sick seriously due to the high-altitude problems or other things but needs the instant medical evacuation.

    The regions like Everest, Annapurna, Manaslu, Dolpo, Kanchenjungha, Makalu, Narphu, and so on are the most popular destinations where we provide the Helicopter rescue service. We mainly rescue the travelers whether they are Nepalese or foreigners.

    Everest region is the most rescue area as the numerous visitors engages in this region. On the other hand, the Annapurna region is the second popular rescue destination.

    Whatever the cases, Rising Adventure is always ready to provide the Helicopter evacuation at any time.

    At last, we suggest everyone trekkers and climbers to buy the travel insurance that must cover the Helicopter evacuation and your targeted elevation before joining the trip in Nepal. Because, you need the medical evacuation during your trip and this kind of insurance helps you to save your very expensive Helicopter rescue service fare.

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