ABC Trek Itinerary

  • Jun 1, 2021
  • Silu Pandey
  • 886

Annapurna base camp trek actually starts from the beautiful valley, known as Pokhara. It is surrounded by spectacular lakes and the Himalayas. You can see the mountain views even from Pokhara.

Table of Contents

Once you arrive in Pokhara, you meet your guide and he will take you to a place to collect all your Annapurna base camp trekking gear. After this, you can visit the streets and check in to the hotel.

Please go through the following ABC trek itinerary.

Day 01: Your trekking is going to commence from today. It’s a nine days trekking including this day. You may get seven hours of trekking today and 3600 steps as supposedly straight up. So, hopefully, you'll see that soon.

Day 02: Today, the trek is going to Ghorepani. It’s about a four-hour trek. So quite an easy day, you may try to wake up early to get the sunrise and see a bit of mountain peace. You will make it end of day two. You are at two thousand eight hundred and seventy-four meters at Ghorepani Hill. You will have a nice lunch in Ghorepani with an amazing view out the window behind you.

Day 03: The third day of trekking will lead you to the ABC Basecamp.

Day04: This morning you get up nice and early to go to Poon Hill. You will see the beautiful sunrise view over the gorgeous Himalayas. So that, you feel really good and today you're doing a bit of up and down and then the trek ends up at the same altitude as from where you’ve started. Therefore, everything will be fine without face any altitude problems.

Day 05: It's an interesting start to the day because it’s a short trek day comparing to other days. It’s only five hours of trekking. The mountain views behind you will be pretty spectacular. It looks like it's coming close to the ABC now.

Day 06: You're going to ABC today. So, you may be pretty excited. You will be going up to the 4100 meters today. So hopefully you'll see some beautiful footage. You are going up nine hundred and thirty meters today. So huge elevation trek. You can see beautiful views behind you and the pretty incredible in front. You will also see a spectacular sunset view that really lit up all the clouds a bright orange like the sky is on fire.

Day 07: Everyone will be feeling pretty good today because you are at your final destination (Annapurna Base Camp). So you are just starting your trek back down from ABC. It's a pretty awesome morning. You will wake up for the sunrise view today. You will trek down to bamboo and have lunch in front of the Himalayas. It is a pretty fast and nice day. So, you may see some nice footage during the trek.

All the way down from ABC today, you can see the terrain which is changed dramatically. Then you reach the forest around the greenery. You will see the very different mountainous barren landscape this morning. So, you may be very keen to have a bevel relax for a bit before dinner tonight. At last, you will get to Bamboo and finish the day's trek.

Day 08: Your eighth day of trekking goes into the hot springs today, stopping there for lunch. It may be a pretty chilly morning. Then you will leave bamboo.

Day 09: You’re just going to start the last day of your trekking. It means you are going back to Pokhara. A pretty exciting thing you’re going to do today is you’re going along the longest suspension bridge on this trek. It will be quite an easy day and relaxing day just got an hour and a half trekking down and then you’ll take a Jeep for going back to Pokhara Valley. So, that's actually pretty cool as well. It is a bit easier on the knees and legs instead of an eight-hour trek and then hopefully you have some celebrations tonight with your guide and porters.