Everest Base Camp Trek Accommodation

Generally, the trekkers stay at Teahouses while trekking in the Himalayas in Nepal. So, it can be called as the Everest Base Camp Teahouse trekking. Ranging from 5 star level hotels to normal lodges is available in the Everest Trekking Region.

The Everest Base Camp Trek teahouses vary in price and quality depending on the facilities they provide. Some Teahouses in the lower elevation feature the both single and double rooms equipped with well furnished bed, electricity, electrical plug for charging, attached western style toilet, free wi-fi, free hot/cold shower, and so on.

On the other hand, the basic amenities can be found in the higher elevation as Everest Base Camp Trek Accommodation like the sharing basis rooms with two single beds and the squat toilet. The owner provides a pillow and a blanket for each and every bed and room.

Similarly, the trekkers need to pay minimum amount for charging the electronic devices and for the internet service. However, you can take the prepaid ntc or ncell net services as it is cheaper and works during the walking area too.

Besides, you need to use your own toilet papers and pay some rupees for having the hot bathe in the higher elevation of lodges but, the cold showering is free in the Everest Base Camp Trek hotels.