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Frequently Asked Questions

Tea House Trek is a form of trekking in the Himalayas where you can stay the overnight in the local lodges and have meals there. Tea houses offer basic facilities, normal beds, toilet, shower and it is normally a small hut with the thatched roof. Private rooms are provided for the trekkers and if it is a pick season, you may have to sleep in the dormitory. The package price includes the charge of the lodges. In the tea houses, you eat your dinner, stay overnight and have breakfast.

FOT is also known as the camping trek, where all the things are fully organized. FOT (Fully Organized Trek) includes camp accommodation with kitchen crew, Sherpa and porters. It is enjoyable and also a relaxed trip. Toilet tents are used in the campsites. Most camping treks are organized for climbing the peaks or mountains and also in the isolated valleys like Upper Dolpo.

Guides speak the fluent and the clear English language. Likewise, our porters are also the good English speakers. Both of them can explain enough about the sceneries, landscapes and the cultural knowledge. Porters carry your belongings to your destination. 

We operate our trekking normally within 2-12 people in a group. But, we also provide services to the solo trekkers. In a large group, the costs become less and also the interaction increases whereas in the solo trekking there is much interaction between the guide and a trekker.

Normally the trekking days depend on the destination. The short trek starts from 3-5 days. The common itinerary is about 10-15 days, but the isolated valley trek and high pass trek goes more than 20 days. Trekking hour includes 4-8 hours every day, according to the destination and difficulty.

We are alert to the security of our clients. The guides have authorized licensed and the trips are operated only after the governmental registration. The baggages will be with the porters and up to the next morning, the clients should handle it properly. For the quick rescue, we use the helicopter charter flight in the Himalayas, which should be covered by your insurance because there are not facilitated hospitals in the countryside. 

In the tea house trekking, there is no need of the equipments, but for the camping treks, we provide tents, kitchen items like utensils, stoves, kerosene and the other required materials. The things for your personal use as light, boots and others should be carried by youselves.

We arrange all the necessary domestic flights during the trip. We book almost all the flights of different companies and also book your international flights.

We have not experienced any casualties in the mountain, but we are fully prepared for the possible risks. We emphasize on the acclimatization in the high altitude and short hiking to adapt to the high altitude. If there are such emergencies, we manage the helicopter charter flight and bring you to Kathmandu. We will be always kept in touch with the guides and clients.

The itinerary of your trip will not normally be changed, but if it is emergency to change, there is the possibility to change the itinerary. The special situation includes sudden weather change, flight cancels, landslides and others that are beyond our limits.  

We are government authorized trekking company and we are licensed to arrange trekking, peak climbing and tours activities.

At first, choose your trip destination and after your decidation, please fill the form and a deposit has to be made as a booking confirmation. Then be ready to make your trek in your desired destination with our expert guides.

Yes, we arrange private treks along with the groups and also if we have a group departing on the same date where you may be planning to go, there is a chance to join the group.

Guide, Accommodation and Porters (GAP) are such trek, which includes a professional trekking guide, experienced porters and lodge accommodation. It is also a suitable trip form for the economic travellers. The company looks for the expenses of our trekking staffs.

In Kathmandu and Pokhara, every kind of hotels are available there for your overnight accommodation. It also applies to Tibet and Bhutan. But in the trekking routes, best available local lodges are for your accommodation. The bedrooms are small but they have clean toilets and also the hot showers.

Trekking is an adventure trip so, you have to be fit for ascending and descending. Except high passes and technical trips, moderately fit trekkers can make the trekking.

Tips are valued by your support team after the trip is accomplished. It is a voluntary practice to thank the guides and porters and this is absolutely your choice.

The clothings you should wear depends on the season. Light dresses, trekking trousers and T-shirts are recommended and down jackets in high altitude. For the cold nights, thermal underwear, a warm fleece jacket and other warm clothes are suitable. 

It is of course possible to change the lodge if it is not in order of your choice. You can talk about it with your guide and shift to your new choice.

It is not possible to book the local lodges earlier in the trekking region, but our porters reach there some hours ago and book the rooms for our clients.

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