Most Difficult Trek in Nepal

The word ‘most difficult’ means the one level up of strenuous. It means very strenuous to do. As a result, it can be defined as the very strenuous trek sin Nepal. Despite some trekking destinations of Nepal Himalaya, almost all the peak climbing activities come to under this very strenuous trip grading category.

This most difficult trekking and climbing may go up to 7000m above the sea level. The walking duration may be 5-7 hours, but the trail goes mostly through the off the beaten area as well as the sloppy and steep pathway. Due to the ascending and descending, the trail may be very tiring.

The weather condition depends on the climatic changes. Though, the guides are there, it would be very hard unexpectedly to get succession if raining. The physical fitness is mandatory for every trekker. In order to reach at the targeted destinations, the trekkers need to have a lot of effort and should have the bold heart as well. Only the courageous trekkers can get succession as the trail is very steep and technically challenges.

The Amphu Lapchchha Trekking and Mera Peak Climbing can be taken under most strenuous trekking category. These are tent based activities. However, lodges are also available in some of the places.