Trip Highlights

Uncover the driving through the hillside in Nepal

Enjoy the rafting in white water of Nepal

Explore the surrounding views of roadways, hills, greeneries and so on

Rafting in Nepal is a kind of adventure activities in Nepal. Basically, Nepal has many rivers for doing rafting including Bhote Koshi and Trisuli Rivers. However, this package includes the white water rafting at Trishuli River. It is considered as the perfect site for one day rafting in Nepal, though, some prefers to spend more days in this spot.

Trishuli River Rafting is wonderful opportunity to observe the natural beauty of white water and its surroundings like rock hills, greeneries, highways, gorges and so on. We provide you all the technical safety and security so, you can enjoy it with full of joy and happiness.

It takes almost three hours to reach at rafting spot known as Chauraudi from Kathmandu. It takes almost 3 hours to finish Rafting. During the rafting period, you can enjoy the virgin sceneries of the surroundings and also make a fun with rafting partner by throwing them into the water and also by jumping yourself. You can enjoy this rafting on Trishuli River very much because you are bounded with safety and security. After spending much time over there, your white water rafting takes you at Fishling which is the ending point. Then you drive back to Kathmandu and spend a night.

Rafting in Nepal price is different on basis of which country you belong to. However, it is affordable for all the nationality. November to December and March to May are considered as the best time for Rafting in Nepal. But some visitors who are in Nepal in monsoon period also join this rafting on Trishuli River. At this time, you need to face the massive rapids like pinball, rapid, S-bend rapid, monkey rapid and others. We can see some people there who engage in rafting even in winter.

Besides, other activities like trekking, tours and sightseeing can also be added with rafting in Trishuli River. You can contact us for more details.

Note: If you have the strong desire to extend your trip by enrolling in other adventure activities, we help you in arranging according to your interests. Otherwise, you can even join our Adventure Holidays in Nepal Package which also consists of almost all the adventure activities that can be possible in Nepal including Trishuli River Rafting.

Outline Itinerary

  • Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu
  • Day 02: Drive to Charaudi, enroll in Rafting and drive back to Kathmandu
Detail Itinerary