Save the Nature

All the living and non-living things are the part of nature. It means human being is also a member of this nature and being human means possessing lots of responsibility for saving nature. Unfortunately, this does not happen in today’s society. However, this article is written mainly focusing on those nature lovers who usually go for trekking in the Nepal Himalayas.

In order to preserve the nature, the trekker needs to have the strong desires to save it. Before going to trek, s/he needs to study about his/her target places’ restricted things and the special condition of the area. One of the most important things is that please; do not leave any trashes and wastage like food cover, etc on trail that may not belong to there. Similarly, if you have disposable and not harmful things, please dispose them properly. Do not take out things that you find on the way because it is to observe for other trekkers as well. In the same way, keep a distance while watching the wild animals. Likewise, the one’s habit of keeping silence and not polluting may teach other visitors. As a result, disturbance and pollution would not be happened. Finally, it would be better to go through all the instructions written on signboard of every trail for better performance of the trekkers.

Saving the nature means protecting our own home from destruction. If it is not destroyed, our lives are also safe.