Strenuous Treks in Nepal

It means a bit difficult trekking in Nepal Himalaya. The strenuous trekking trail goes up to 6000m above the sea level or sometimes may exceed this level and reaches at 7000m altitude as well. The trekkers may need to walk 6-8 hours per day and sometimes it may go longer.

Due to the higher altitudes, the trekkers may face the unexpected climatic condition. The very remote area without the residence is another part of strenuous treks in Nepal Himalaya. The trekking would be very difficult during the rainy season. However, it depends on the weather condition.

The physical fitness is the most required part as it can be taken as the answer of how difficult is trekking in Nepal because the trekkers need to walk on the very steep and the off the beaten area. So, they need to have the strong preparation before heading to this type of trekking. They must have enrolled in some regular physical exercise for more than a month like jogging, walking, running, etc. Besides, they need to care for their diets as well.

Strenuous trekking holidays can be operated from 15 to 20 days. It depends on the requirement of our valued guest and the target place. The three high passes trekking in Everest region can be the best example of this difficult trekking. It is the lodging based treks. However, most of the difficult trekking in Nepal Himalaya needs to conduct on the basis of camping. Some of the peaks climbing activities of Nepal also come to under this demanding trekking trail category.