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Volunteer Tour

Nepal is tiny, but a beautiful country. Every year a lot of tourists come to Nepal for their own purpose like for visiting only, for spending the good holiday and some come with specific purpose i.e. Volunteering. In addition, Volunteer Tour in Nepal provides an opportunity to be much closed with the multilingual, multicultural and the diverse caste Nepalese society; and be well experienced which can be shared in the countries of the Volunteers.

Since the long time, many foreigners and the Nepalese too have been involving in volunteering program for promoting the Nepal. They are engaging for upgrading the disadvantaged people as well as other organizations like school, hospital and so on. They are helping not by donating only, but enrolling themselves and donating physically. As you know, Nepal had faced a big earthquake on 25 April 2015. Due to it, many Nepalese lost their properties and the family members and became orphanages, beggars and so on. As a result, many countries and the tourists even in the personal way have been coming to Nepal for helping them. And we know there are many others too who want to have Volunteer Tour still now in Nepal, but being unable to contact the trusted agency.

Rising Adventure P. Ltd. is an authentic company which not only organizes the trekking packages, but also assists you to get success in your mission like volunteering. We also help you to combine your Nepal Volunteering package with another trekking or tour package in accordance with your desires. Besides, it is not necessary to donate money from your country via transformation, but you can come here and donate by your hands after observing the condition. So, if anyone is interested on Volunteer Tour in Nepal, please feel free to contact us.

Moreover, we strongly recommend the Hikers Helping Nepal Project in Australia which is focusing to raise money for rebuilding in Nepal. It would be very best especially for the Nepal lovers Australian to contact the more trustable Hikers Helping Nepal Team directly.

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