Weather and Climate in Nepal

Nepal weather and climate

The climatic condition of Nepal varies from one place to another. It depends on the geographical features of Nepal. It is divided into three different regions. They are:

Terai region: This region lies in the tropical southern part of Nepal. The hot and humid climate occurs in this region.

Hilly region: This region is neither hotter nor colder. The climate is warm and pleasant, but in the morning and evening of winter season, it feels a bit cold.

Mountain region: This region lies in the northern part of Nepal. It is the alpine zone where the climate is colder while comparing to other region.

While talking about the weather of Nepal, it can be categorized into four different seasons. They are:

Spring:  From March to May can be categorized under the spring season of Nepal. The temperature would be of 22.C. This is the fine season for trekking and climbing in the Nepal Himalaya as the weather is warm and the views are clear. This is the colorful seasons when the flowers blossom and the forests are full of greeneries. The trekking trails are surrounded by beautiful birds and flowers like pheasant and rhododendron respectively. Moreover, the snows on the mountain are neither too much nor too least deposited, so it would not be the difficult task to climb up to the peak.

Summer: From June to August can be considered as the months of summer season. This is the monsoon time so; the temperature would be of approximately 30.C and a bit hotter during the heat waves. The rain occurs almost all the months especially in July and August. As a result, most of the trekking trails become muddy which creates difficulty in walking activity.  However, the lower elevation trekking can be possible. Besides, the Trans-Himalayan areas like Mustang and Dolpo are best for trekking in this rainy season of Nepal.

Autumn: From September to November is known as the months of autumn season. The temperature would be of 10.C up to 25.C at mid-night and mid-day respectively. It means the weather would be neither too much warmer nor hotter. This is the perfect time for trekking and climbing in Nepal. The Himalayas are not covered by too much snow. Therefore, the trekking and climbing trails are crowded in this season as the skies are vivid and no more rainfall. The mountain views are clear. Besides, the villages are full of local people as this is the festival time in Nepal. Nights are lighted with celebration because the people are delighted in singing and dancing and so on.

Winter: December to February is the winter season. It feels cold during these months. The temperature can be decreased up to zero and sometimes reaches at minus degree as well especially at the mid-night in the mountain zone of Nepal. During the day, it raises up to 20.C. However, this is the coldest season of the year. The high hills and mountains are covered with beautiful snow. Sometimes, the snowfall occurs even in the lowland region. Though, it is tough to trek in the higher elevation, the short trekking can be possible in the lower elevation.

Note: The spring and autumn can be considered as the very best seasons for trekking and climbing in Nepal Himalayas. The wonderful views can be seen very clearly during this time. Besides, these seasons are favorable especially for high altitude ascending. Moreover, the tour is possible in every region and season in accordance with the required of our valued customer.