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Nepal is a country of contrasts and lies in the South Asia of the Universe. It is rich in nature where the highest peaks in the world, beautiful rivers, and mountains are located. The country has attracted thousands of followers with diverse cultures, extraordinary mountain views, and humble citizens. Whether you are fond of visiting the ancient monuments in the cities or getting refreshed in the mountain area, Nepal offers everything that you are looking for for your next vacation.

Well, are you looking for a country to visit full of natural beauty and historic attractions?  A trip to Nepal may be your next perfect dream destination. In this article, you will learn the way to visit Nepal at least once throughout your life.

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Everest Base Camp

While talking about the Magic of Nepal, one cannot forget to mention the famous Everest base camp trek. The base camp of Mt. Everest is located at an altitude of 5364 meters above sea level. It offers the most beautiful views of the Himalayan range. The camp is at the foot of the world’s tallest mountain Mount Everest. Everest, the land of the Sherpas holds a special value in the hearts of not only trekkers but people from different backgrounds.

The 24-day trek takes you to the different Sherpa villages including Lukla, Namche Bazaar, Tengboche, and so on. Not only village the trails are filled with scenic beauty, prayer flags, stone-craved art, and the majestic sights of the mountains.

Trekking to the Everest base camp in spring and autumn are the best seasons. However, every month has its own cons and pros. During the winter the temperature of the region remains low, while in summer the region experiences high rainfall. Thus, during the spring and summer, the sky remains clear and the sights from the trails are also pleasant.

Kathmandu Tour

Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, is busy, loud, and bursting with kinetic energy. The Kathmandu Valley was discovered during the second century AD. It is one of the places of the ancient period where the people have been living continuously. Historically, Kathmandu was named as Nepal Mandala and its pure inhabitants belong to the Newari community of Nepal. Now, this city has been transformed into a cosmopolitan urbanized place because lots of people from everywhere used to live there in search of work, opportunities, and facilities.

The beautiful city offers several palaces, mansions, gardens, history, art, rich culture, handicrafts, and so on. Not only that, since 1985, Kathmandu has been the headquarters of the South Asian Association for Regional Co-operation (SAARC).

While engaging in Kathmandu day tour activity, please, don’t forget to visit the below places;

  • Boudhanath Stupa
  • Narayanhiti Palace Museum
  • Swayambhunath stupa
  • Garden of dreams
  • Kathmandu Durbar Square
  • Garden of Dreams

Annapurna Base Camp

Annapurna Base Camp Trek is the most wonderful trekking destination after the Everest base camp in Nepal. It offers different climatic zones, distinctive landscapes, and beautiful villages with rich cultures. Mount Annapurna is the tenth tallest mountain in the universe. It is located in the north-central area of Nepal. However, the trekking to the base camp of Annapurna is moderately challenging. So, even a beginner can join this trekking trail.

Each year, more than a thousand trekkers trek to the ABC and get the majestic views of Mt. Annapurna Massifs, Mt. Dhaulagiri, Mt. Machchhapuchchhre, and other peaks. The well-made Annapurna base camp trek itinerary increases your easiness of making a plan for the trek. During the trek, you can go for a hike to Poon Hill vantage point, from where you can enjoy the stunning sunrise views over the Annapurna Massifs. Apart from that, a trekker can get refreshed and relaxed in the natural hot spring at Jhinu Village while returning from trekking.

Manaslu Circuit 

Manaslu Circuit Trek is one of the off-the-beaten trekking trails in Nepal. The trek goes along the remote areas and crosses the Larke La Pass, the highest pass in the Manaslu region. Mount Manaslu is located in the Gorkha district, almost 50 miles away from the capital city of Nepal. The Manaslu Circuit Trek offers the most beautiful Mount Manaslu Views, the 8th highest mountain in the universe. It is the sub-range of Mansiri Himal.

The trail goes through the mountainous areas of Nepal and offers the Himalayan views of Gorkha, the hidden beauty of nature, as well as the Tibatan-influenced culture.


Mustang region is bounded by numerous mountains including Annapurna and Dhaulagiri. The inhabitants of this region are not influenced by modernity, but it is touched by the Tibetan border, so the lifestyles in Upper Mustang are homogenous with the Tibetans. They still maintain their traditional culture which is unique. Mostly the inhabitants of this area are Buddhists. Mustang is also famous as a barren landscape of Nepal. Thus, the region experiences the least rainfall. Thus, while visiting Mustang don’t forget to ask about Lo-Manthang (the capital city of Mustang) and the Tiji festival influenced by Tibetan culture.

Ghorepani Poon Hill

Besides mountains and culture, the country has several viewpoints from where you can spot the amazing sunshine and sunset. Talking about this place, Ghorepani Poon Hill stands in a line at first position. Generally, it takes almost 5 days to complete the whole trek which begins from Nayapul.

The trail goes through the forests of rhododendron and oaks and takes you to the vantage point, known as Poon Hill at an elevation of 3210 meters above sea level. From this viewpoint, you can see the spectacular views of sunrise over the Annapurna Massifs. While returning, the trek goes through the Gurung and Magar villages.

Not only these but there are still many things to learn more about gorgeous Nepal.

Silu Pandey

Silu Pandey