Inexplicable Tamang culture and tradition

  • Sep 9, 2019
  • Silu Pandey
  • 74

Inexplicable Tamang culture and tradition

Tamang is the oldest tribe of Nepal especially of Himalayan region of Nepal. Originally, they are from Yambu or Kathmandu Valley, but they were displaced gradually due to the arrival of other castes. Still now, we have the evidence that Tamang people were the indigenous inhabitants of Kathmandu who lives around it even nowadays. Actually, the native land of Tamang people is known as “Tamsalling” in Nepal. It is a Tamang word which means land of Tamang Speaker. Separately, ‘Tam’ refers to the Tamang language, ‘Sa’ the land and ‘lling’ territory. Similarly, this tribe has its own distinctive language, culture and religion. So, every year most of the tourists come to Nepal for enrolling into the Tamang Heritage Trek and knowing them more closely.

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Actually, their mother tongue is called Tamang language and the Nepali language is their second language. Tamangs are the followers of Buddhism in general and they practice the Bon Lamaism or Bon Buddhism in particular who worship their own Buddhist god in the morning and have own religious books too. Besides, the religion of Tamangs is also acknowledged by the distinct and predating Tibetan Buddhism due to the geopolitical focus on Tibet. They have the monasteries in every village whether i.e. small or large and their priest is known as “Lama”. They are very rich in their culture that is also different and based on their religion. Likewise, all the ceremonies of Tamangs are run in the distinctive way including the baptism ceremony, marriage ceremony and death ritual. Furthermore, they have their own identity, though, they belong to the Nepalese. They celebrate the “Lhosar” which is considered as their main festival of a year. Their dress and jewelry are also different from others. Overall, the Tamang Heritage is richer while comparing to other tribes of Nepal. As a result, the Tamang Heritage Trek is being popular day by day.

Regarding the financial aspects, the Tamang people of Nepal are not rich in average. Their lifestyle in Himalayas is distinctive. They wear the different costume belong to their caste.

However, the majority of Tamang people can be found in the Himalayan zone of Nepal. Among them, Langtang Region is one which is full of the residence of Tamang. Their culture and tradition belong to the Tibetan culture. This region offers the trekking trail as Tamang Heritage Trek which is totally based on the cultural tour with the surrounding views of mountains. Besides, this area has many other trekking options like Langtang Valley Trek, Lauribina Pass Trek, Gosainkunda Trek and so on.