Visit Lo Manthang, the capital of Upper Mustang, Nepal

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The Upper Mustang excursion is a perfect plan to spend a vacation. It is one of the bucket lists of every visitor. Tiji festival is the most attractive in the Mustang region. Lo Manthang is the most popular place for its diverse culture and topography. It used to be the walled capital of the Kingdom of Lo. You may realize the glory of Lord Buddha after visiting the ancient monasteries, caves, and Chhortens.

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Why visit Lo Manthang?


Lo Manthang is the capital of the Upper Mustang. Its physical structure is still in rectangular shape with big walls. These walls were created to protect the village from enemies in the past. It is the restricted territory of the Mustang district of Nepal. The sculptures of deities are established at each and every corner of the village in the sense of protecting the kingdom and its residents.

Every visitor wants to include the Tiji festival celebration in the itinerary as it is an auspicious lunar festival. It is celebrated to mark the victory over demons for three days in the complex of the Royal Palace. But the dates are different.

Most of the visitors prefer to visit Lomanthang for its untouched lifestyle of the locals, inspiring social practice as well as the unique culture and authentic religious practice. The Tibetan influence can also be seen in their culture and attire. Visit Ghar Monastery, Namgyal Monastery, Chungsi Cave, and Dzong Cave are unbelievable. Having a conversation with local Loba people about their traditional attire would be fruitful for research of the Lo Manthang Tour.

Upper Mustang Trek

The Upper Mustang trek is one of the popular destinations in the grand landscape through deserted valleys to the walled city of Lomanthang. But this does not mean that the visit to Lomanthang is inaccessible. There are lots of alternative ways of touring. The permit to visit this place is mandatory for every foreign trekker and visitor.

Upper Mustang Jeep Tour

The Upper Mustang Jeep Tour is one of the best options for skipping the longer hours of trekking and hiking. It is a wonderful package that offers views of natural beauty and local cultures as well as local activities while traveling on a comfortable vehicle.

You can rent a jeep from Pokhara or Kathmandu as well. However, your Mustang Jeep Tour originally starts from the beautiful city of Pokhara. You can arrange the permit and guide (if you wish) from there or the company helps to hire. The Pokhara to Mustang distance is 88.7 km in total. Moving through the winding roads, you can reach Beni. From there, the off-road begins. Though it’s a dusty road, the jeep drives on along the barren gorges, cliffs, and passes. The continuation of the Jeep tour goes through the world’s deepest gorge i.e. Kaligandaki gorge with background views of Dhaulagiri and Annapurna massifs. Finally, your driving ends at Lomanthang. After reaching there, you can explore the mini-Tibet. It takes almost five days including the exploring day from Pokhara to Pokhara to complete this tour on Jeep.

Upper Mustang Bike Ride

The Upper Mustang bike ride is another superb way to gate into Mustang, Nepal. As you know this zone is highly dominated by endless biking trails. So, the trip is designed for intermediate to professional bike riders. The motorcycle rental is required at first. Normally, bikes like Pulsars (over 200cc), Royal Enfields, and Hartford VRs are popular choices. The motorcycle hire from Pokhara is possible. It’s an altitude ride so, the bike riders must be fit and fine in the sections of physical, mental, and technical. You must be courageous as well because you are going through the remote and stunning stretches of the country. Riding on the off-road and high passes is challenging and technical. The Lo Manthang bike tour itinerary can be made a bit longer or shorter as per the willingness of the riders. By following the Pokhara to Mustang map, you can reach your final destination. The descent is made through the same route. From Kathmandu to Kathmandu, this tour can be of eleven days in total with the acclimatization days.

Flight from Pokhara to Jomsom and hire the transportation

Taking a flight from Pokhara to Jomsom and hiring a vehicle or motorcycle at Jomsom is also an option to avoid trekking. From Jomsom, you can go along the off-road till to Lomanthang and explore around it.

While talking about the Upper Mustang weather, it is a rainshadow area so, the trekking and tour activities can be possible almost all year. Normally, the Upper Mustang trek itinerary is designed for fourteen days from Kathmandu to Kathmandu. It includes driving, flying, and trekking days in total. On the other hand, the tour depends on the vehicle that you have hired.

Apart from the forbidden kingdom of Lo, the Kagbeni, Muktinath, and Jomsom are also the best places to visit during the trip. Muktinath is a popular temple in both Hinduism and Buddhism.

At last, Lo Manthang, the capital of Upper Mustang is a renowned place. On the jeep tour in a group, at least two people are best for visiting this place. Including the Tiji festival on the tour, the itinerary would be a very excellent idea.

Silu Pandey

Silu Pandey