NO Quarantine, PCR or Vaccination Report

  • Silu Pandey
  • Last Updated on Sep 20, 2023

The quarantine requirement to come to Nepal is canceled. Now, you need to have only a report of either negative PCR (72 hours from their departure date) or proof of vaccination (two doses of Covid-19 vaccines). Besides, mandatory insurance for covid-19 is also not needed from now except for their normal travel insurance.

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According to Bhanubhakta Dhakal (Tourism Minister), they had made a decision to cancel the quarantine requirements at a cabinet meeting two days before today. Furthermore, they had also decided to issue their on-arrival visas at the Tribhuwan International Airport in Kathmandu.

Visitors who want to visit the beautiful country of Nepal must have the following documents. Such as:

  • On arrival or issued visas from Nepal immigration
  • A card of vaccination (twice) against Covid-19
  • A negative PCR report for those who have not got Covid-19 Vaccine
  • Other required documentation to visit Nepal as per the rules of the Nepalese Visa Immigration Office

Finally, the voices of tourism businessmen are listened to by the government. 
They were struggling to avoid quarantine rules and regulations for a long time. The Covid-19 insurance provision was also demanded to be canceled in order to promote Nepal tourism.

Silu Pandey

Silu Pandey